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Insurance Marketing Solutions that Improve Results - Plain and Simple!


Our analytical approach allows us to match the right offer, to the right audience, at the right time. This allows you to convert more prospects into customers for less money. Our products are cost effective and will help you increase ROI and response.


Custom Built for Your Audiences and Goals

Our evolving insurance models are built to improve Response, Risk, and Profitability - expertly crafted and built for results.

Our best practice selection strategies are aligned with product audience profile, underwriting policy and risk appetite, and segmented by key performance indicators, geography, product, and more as required. Data is sourced from credit profiles, online behavior, triggered events, psychographics, econometrics, censuses, public records, mortgage details, real property details, and more.


Timely, targeted messaging, accurately delivered

The core premise of our trigger programs is to identify consumers experiencing life events in a timely manner and delivering them targeted messages. We mine hundreds of public and proprietary data sources to collect timely and accurate events. Insurance Science’s trigger marketing programs will enable you to target new prospects or monitor a customer population for trigger activity.

We offer 3 types of trigger programs:

1. Acquisition Triggers
2. Reactivation Triggers
3. Cross-Sell and Upsell Triggers


Turnkey All-In-One Solution

Direct Mail is one of the most predictable, cost effective, and consistent methods for generating leads in insurance services. We are experts in every aspect of direct mail marketing in insurance. We create and fulfill HUNDREDS of turnkey direct mail campaigns every year and know how to drive response rates well above industry standards.

Insurance Science DM offers a full turnkey marketing solution. We’ll handle every aspect of the marketing campaign for you, so you can spend your time converting more customers. Our turnkey campaigns include data, segmentation, predictive analytics, creative development, marketing execution and back end results measurement and reporting. We also create a multi-touch contact frequency and cadence with each touch point, building awareness and creating a strong call to action.


Build on Your Marketing Strategy through our Proven Digital Marketing Products

Insurance Science DM’s digital solutions can help you put the right offer in front of the right audience, at exactly the right time.

Our solutions allow marketers to target and monitor highly specialized audiences for over 70,000 online behavioral triggers and search terms, in real time. Supercharged by ISDM’s best practices, data science, dynamic marketing services and the world’s largest digital exchange, you have the ability to market across over 16,000,000 websites and social media platforms to consumers who have shown interest.

With ISDM, you can advertise to known “in market” prospects in ways that you never thought possible with Programmatic Display, Social Advertising, and Email Marketing, all in one solution. This radically eliminates marketing waste.


Unmask and Identify Fragmented Prospects

CONNECT™ is designed to build intent-based audiences to market your products and services to. CONNECT™ can unmask and reach consumers who have previously engaged with your company, whether you know it or not, and identifies “actual shoppers.” This leads your company to those who are most likely to use and/or buy your product, and uniquely blends on-line intelligence with data science, technology, and omnichannel fulfillment to create winning “turnkey” marketing solutions for business.

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